baking Zombie Cupcakes

This journal entry was copied and pasted from a different place, and it’s the explanation and the reason behind Zombie Cupcakes.


“A few nights ago, on one of my countless sleepless nights, i was glued to my laptop watching one of the latest Kim Ji Woon movies, and i got inspired and excited to put a few words down. Let me give you a little background about me, ’cause i feel like it’s necessary. As most of you already know (and if you don’t, just look at my profile and you’ll figure it out) i’m from Milan (Italy), and i moved to the US about two years ago.

And what a fucking challenge that was.

See, when you move to a complete different country, sooner or later you realize that starting a brand new life leaves you only a little-if any-time left for your good old passions.

But that was not the point of my entry.

The point was:
To tell you about my forever strongly passionate appreciation for oriental cinema.

Cyborg “i have to create myself in a new country” Cristina reset on her own and re-ashed this amazing interest and oh boy, what a happy moment that was. nevermind i now mostly watch movies in korean, or japanese, with english subtitles that in my head are automatically commuted in italian, so that my brain automatically translates and processes words in 3 different languages simultaneously (sounds scary? maybe one day my head will blow up on its own). it still is my most up to date favorite thing to do.

I always thought my “mission” in life was to make every single one of my human fellas watch OLDBOY. And it still is, but i decided to put a few additions to it and go a little bigger, and a little deeper.

I stuck up for that movie for years and years, like a preacher with his bible, and i never ever left it behind. i was so goddamn attached to it that it literally saved my ass about 7 or 8 months ago, because it was the last and only thing i was holding on to.

Now you get an idea of my of obsession behind it.Do you love that movie as well? What if i told you that somewhere in south Korea somebody gave birth to its twin brother? And what if  the director was also one of  mr.Park Chan-Wook best friends?

The movie i’m talking about is called A BITTERSWEET LIFE and the genious behind it’s (hence the beginning of my entry) Kim Ji Woon.

If you knew me, this would be a good enough reason to hurry up on your ass and fucking watch it, since such perfection on film is so rare nowadays..

But if that’s not enough, let me throw in a “hot ass yakuza guy kills and tortures everybody in a magnificent spur of revenge triggered by falling in love with a girl only seen one time for 10 minutes”

Still not attractive enough?
IT’S THE SAME DIRECTOR OF “A TALE OF TWO SISTERS”, only he made a better movie.
You didn’t think it was possible, didn’t you?
Neither did i.

I have a few more gems that i’m gonna share with you at a different time.
Maybe one day i’ll just write a real review about them.

For now, i just wanted to share my excitement.”

To make it simpler and shorter.. Hello, and welcome to my blog.



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