I talked before about the awesomeness of Park Chan Wook.

But nowadays it’s all about short comments and pictures, isn’t it? This should do the trick then:


Once more, with feelings:

Plot: “a successful filmmaker arrives home to find that a disgruntled extra has taken over his home, and fastened his pianist wife (Kang Hye-jun of Oldboy) to the grand piano. The madman threatens to cut off the wife’s fingers, one by one, unless the director strangles the helpless child he’s tied to the couch.

Cut is a segment of the omnibus movie Three… Extremes a collective of 3 segments from 3 of the most relevant asian “horror” directors:

  1. my man Park Chan Wook for Korea with Cut
  2. mr. Takashi Miike for Japan with Box
  3. Fruit Chan for China with the segment Dumplings (which was later released as a full lenght movie)

Every segment reflects the directors native country’s culture in it’s own way, other than bringing a personal, original intakes on the subject of horror. You will definitely like Cut if you liked Funny Games (not the crappy remake) and David Lynch‘s Darkened Room and don’t even get me started on the vampires subject in the first minute of the movie.. but too many words already. ok back to pictures


7 Responses to “Cut”

  1. dick head

  2. loving it

  3. Cristina Downie Says:

    how about the amazing dance he does out of nowhere? ahah. love it.

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