A Tale Of Two Sisters

If you like horror movies you must watch this 2003 Kim Ji-woon movie.

A Tale Of Two Sisters (Janghwa, Hongryeon)


connection with Park Chan-Wook and (remotely) Oldboy: Actress Im Su-jeong (aka Su-mi, the main girl in the movie) is the main charachter in Park’s I’m a Cyborg but that’s Ok

my heart stopped a little when i found out yet another shitty remake was out, for all of us true-at-heart fans’ disappointment. to me, it was a really really sad day. it will be the same to you when you’ll watch the original and instantly fall in love with it. it’s so good that it was the first korean movie to be screened in theaters in America.

Kim Ji-woon combines horror, drama, sentimentalism and amazingly detailed photography to tell you the story of Su-Mi and Su-Yeong, two inseparable sisters that come home from a mental institution and have to deal with their father and a spiteful and quite mean step mother, and are haunted at night by a mysterious ghost.

But not everything is quite what it seems and as the story goes by everything becomes more and more confusing..

please hurry and watch it before seeing “The Uninvited”, which i think is out now or is going to be soon.

I’m happily gonna skip it, and be faithful to Kim Ji-woon.

edit: ok i lied. i actually decided that i don’t wanna be one of those people who trash a flick without even knowing what they’re talking about and i gave “The Uninvited” a try. Afterall, that “The Ring” remake wasn’t all that bad, was it?

my bad, i was SO wrong.

first of all, let’s take a look at the poster for the movie:

looks an awful lot like Gothika, right?

that awful, awful movie with x-men Storm.

second, the very first line at all, like 10 seconds into the movie, is: “hey, i have a condom

and you know it can’t get much worse than that. producers and writers of this garbage took something beautiful, innocent, and honestly quite deep in its imagery, and turned it into just another badly directed teenage horror. i am so disappointed i now wish i didn’t even look it up and stood in my ignorance.

for it is bliss, sometimes, afterall.


6 Responses to “A Tale Of Two Sisters”

  1. hi i’m jaerok, yoon lee’s friend in korea.
    i heard about you from him.
    and i saw your picture. (you look gorgeous!)
    he says you really love korean films, and are such a good human being.
    i’m an actor, and hope to see you soon.
    have a nice week.
    p.s. if you want to know about me more,
    please come to my cyworld blog.
    http://www.cyworld.com/dannyboy ^^

  2. hey there!! that’s so nice of you, thank you =]
    i’m checking your website right now!

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