Death Bell (Gosa)

Death Bell aka Gosa – 2008

The top 20 students of  a korean highschool gather together for the final exams. suddenly the bell rings, and a voice announces that if the students don’t solve given answers, they will all be killed one by one.

No particular deep meaning for this one, but hey, really pretty korean schoolgirls (in uniforms!) getting butchered everywhere. That’s a good enough reason to watch it, right?Let me add that the movie is very gorey and that honestly.. uniforms soaked in blood never cease to amaze us, admit it!


I’m gonna give a special thanks to my friend Yoon Lee for sending me the trailer of this.

Thank you so much! I enjoyed every bloody minute of it.


2 Responses to “Death Bell (Gosa)”

  1. Hey thanks for the credit:)

  2. Cristina Downie Says:

    thank you for the reference!!

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