Into The Mirror

Into the Mirror (Geoul sokeuro) – 2003


“Self hatred, triggered by a mental shock, causes a personality to split, and you perceive two worlds, inside and outside the mirror. Reality is divided into two simmetrical worlds, that is, the person is psychologically split in two. If you die outside the mirror, you can still be living within. Also, if the you in the mirror dies you see no reflection.. DO YOU SEE SOMEONE ELSE IN THE MIRROR TOO?”

By now, you all heard of Alexandre Aja‘s Mirrors.

Into The Mirror is the original where the “Mirrors with Kiefer Sutherland” came from.

It was directed by  Kim Sung-ho in 2003, and stars… (drumroll…) hot ass Yoo Ji-tae. Who the hell is he, you might ask?  Well, it’s Oldboy‘s bad guy Woo-Jin (Dae-su’s nemesis) nonetheless. Yoo Ji-tae has this very particular look on his face that just kidnaps your attention. He stares into the void and expresses pain and suffering and loneliness in a way that only a few other actors are capable of. And hey, he’s in Oldboy, that’s a good enough reason to watch all the movies he’s in.

For that reason, and for the fact that mirrors and reflections and the possibility of a parallel world living within always fascinated me, i decided to check out Into The Mirror today. The plot moves along quite slowly but has a few strong points, especially towards the very beginning (a cute young lady slitting her throat with a pizza cutter) and the end (psychological madness all around).

I personally didn’t like Aja’s Mirrors, but i appreciated the special effects. Aja has his own distinctive – and captivating – style, but its power fails to show in this particular remake. Remember how awesome Haute Tension aka High Tension was?

I certainly do.

Please, Alexandre, you started off so well, so how about this?

stop filming remakes and keep doing that instead.


6 Responses to “Into The Mirror”

  1. I didn’t realize that Alexandre Aja had done Mirrors. That kinda sucks because High Tension was such a great movie. Let’s hope there’s a return to more creative film making like High Tension in the future.

  2. that’s exactly what i thought! high tension was innovative, and interesting and had an original plot, it kinda sucks that pretty much EVERYTHING he filmed after that has been a remake.. his next upcoming movie being another one of them. grrr

  3. I see he did the screenplay for P2. That was a pretty good movie actually, it’s no High Tension but it has it’s worthwhile moments. I assume the remake you mean is Piranha 3D? Maybe Hollywood is too scared to let him loose. They love to pump out the remakes and just don’t take enough chances on original films.

  4. yeah that’s what i meant.. i assume when you’re a french director and somebody offers you a BIG amount of money to do a pig production kind of movie you’d be an idiot to turn it down just for the sake of art? i wouldn’t turn down millions either. still sucks tho!

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