The Chaser

The Chaser (Chugyeogja) – 2008


Wow. Just wow. sometimes i don’t even want to say anything when i come across such awesomeness.

The Chaser is a 2008 movie directed by Hong-jin Na and tells the story of a corrupted cop turned pimp, and being in financial trouble as his girls start disappearing leaving him unable to pay his debt. His old detective skills tell him something’s not right and as the story unfolds, you find out that they have all been called up by the same client, who is a torturer and a psycho serial killer.

I don’t wanna go into details too much, but just know that this movie is absolutely fantastic, incredibly violent, and throws a few strong hints at how corrupted and incompetent the Korean police system is.

And just to add a little personal note:

koreans covered in blood, holding a hammer as a weapon, always make me happy:


(Lesson well taught, Oh Dae-su)

thank you so much to my friend Yoon Lee for telling me about this movie!!! it was too good!


7 Responses to “The Chaser”

  1. Hey Cris
    Glad you liked it. The chaser matches your taste very well I think

  2. Sweet, Oldboy, that was a great movie. The Chaser sounds interesting, i’m gonna have to start looking for it now.

  3. @ Yoon it does indeed! you’re spoiling me with all these awesome movies. yeeeeey!

  4. @hagiblog Oldboy is my favorite movie and that’s why i refer to it in pretty much every post in my blog. i feel like not enough people know about it! anyways, i would definitely put The Chaser in the same category, it’s so worth watching and captivating!

  5. HAHA! I’ve made a few people watch Oldboy just to see their mouth drop open at the end. I’m looking forward to keeping up with your blog here.

  6. thank you!! that’s really exciting to see somebody interested to my rants :)

    the first time i watched oldboy i was with 2 friends of mine and we were all jawdropping everywhere!! the scene must have been hilarious from an outside point of view

  7. […] for brutality, action, and breathtaking plot twists, this is not a movie for you. But if you liked The Chaser, and more in general if you’re a fan of police thrillers, and satirical attacks against the […]

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