Failan (2001)

from IMDB: After losing both her parents, Failan (Cecilia Cheung) emmigrates to Korea to seek her only remaining relatives. Once she reaches Korea, she finds out that her relatives have moved to Canada well over a year ago. Desperate to stay and make a living in Korea, Failan is forced to have an arranged marriage through a match-making agency. Kang Jae (Choi Min Shik) is an old and outdated gangster who has no respect from his peers. Short on money, Kang Jae decides to take on the arranged marriage. Having nothing more than a picture of Kang Jae, Failan spends her days dreaming and wishing that Kang Jae would come to visit her. Failan often writes to Kang Jae in sorrow about how much she misses and thinks about him, but never has the nerve to give the letters to Kang Jae. Things take a turn when Kang Jae is asked by his boss to take the fall for a murder in exchange for some money. The only hope in his worthless life is the wife he never met.

Directed by Song Hae-seong in 2001, Failan is a movie about love between two characters that never actually meet, and the really intense tragedy that comes with it. Kang Jae is played by Choi Min Sik, the main character in Oldboy. He portrays a man who lives his life with no goals whatsoever, only to find his sensitivity and emotions when it’s (obviously) too late. Cecilia Cheung and her immaculate acting show us a girl who comes to a new country too young and too hopeless, starts building castles in the sand thinking about a husband she never met, and ends up really falling for it. And when she does, it’s truly heartbreaking. For all parties involved. Viewers included.

This movie has power, and it’s big. If you decide to approach it, be sure to sit back, get comfortable, and keep numerous tissues handy, because it will make even the most cynical person shed a few tears.

Personal happy note about Failan: Choi Min Sik in a suit is always unbelievably HOT! ha ha! did i relieve the tension a little? i don’t want my Valentine’s special to be all sad! coming up it’s going to be a comedy, i promise.


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  1. […] and directed by Seung-wan Ryoo. It stars one of my all time favorites, Choi Min-sik (Oldboy, Failan, A Quiet Family) as Tae-shik as an old boxer who’s personal and financial life are falling […]

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