…Ing (2003)


more Valentine’s special! …Ing is a 2003 movie directed by Lee Eon-Hee and starring Im su-jeong of A tale of two sisters and I’m a cyborg but that’s ok.

Mina is a cute teenage girl with a deformed hand and a life threatening disease who lives with her single mother Mi-sook, who’s trying to teach her how to live life one day at a time. Altho Mina spent most of her life in and out of hospitals because of her conditions, she is unaware of her imminent death. She eventually embarks on a relationship with Young-Jae,  her new downstairs neighbor, in this humorous, charming, and ultimately heartfelt melodrama.

Im Su-Jeong is an outstading actress. …Ing is a classic romantic melodrama with the difference that this one has wit, its pace is not annoying, and there’s a lot of smart comical relief inbetween scenes. The entire movie revolves around these 3 characters, so the film’s success relies on the brilliance and amazing performance of the main actors. You will laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry. Guaranteed. I personally cried a river!!


Funny note: somehow Im Su-Jeong always ends up in a hospital and/or trying to commit suicide (you’ll find it in i’m a cyborg but that’s ok and a tale of two sisters, too).. At least she does it really, really well.


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