omg omg omg. this morning i woke up to a message from my very dear friend Nicola Vinciguerra.

it was a link to the new Park Chan Wook movie trailer!! you know you’ve been waiting for this:

The movie is called Thirst, and it’s about vampires. Specifically, it’s about a devoted catholic priest who is turned into vampire against his will as a medical experiment went wrong, and falls in love with a woman (i see tons of dogmas being approached here, and i’m loving it)

The main actor is Song Kang-ho of Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance!! i love how he’s always using the same people in all his movies.. it makes the atmosphere familiar, and challenging, and just awesome. this is gonna be good. Park already teased us a little with how amazing he can be when it comes to vampires when he released Cut..

the movie will be in theaters in Korea April 30th. I CAN’T WAIT!!!


4 Responses to “THIRST”

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