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The Machine Girl

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The Machine girl (2008)


From Imdb: Ami is a typical college girl. She’s bright, friendly, popular and athletic, with nothing to set her apart from other girls her age other than the fact that she is an orphan, left to care for her younger brother after her father committed suicide after being falsely accused of murder. But while there is tragedy in their past, the siblings’ future looks good, except for one thing. Ami’s brother has racked up a considerable debt to another boy at school, and that boy just happens to be the heir to a clan of vicious ninja-yakuza. Ami’s brother can’t pay, violence breaks out and in the course of trying to avenge her brother, Ami is captured by the clan. They torture her and hack her arm right off. Ami escapes, barely alive, and is taken in by the owners of a machine shop who build her a customized, bullet-spewing arm. From that point, the quest for revenge is on in earnest

The Machine Girl is a 2008 japanese movie directed by Noboru Iguchi. For some reason that is unknown to me, it keeps getting compared to Shaun of the Dead.. i really didn’t see it. And believe me, i tried hard, since Shaun of the Dead is just brilliant and knowing there was a movie out there just as good but with japanese schoolgirls (in uniforms!!) making a mess of blood and guts, was the best thing i had heard in a long time.

So definitely no, if you’re looking for smart sarcasm and real jokes, you’re not gonna like this. On the other side though.. come on guys! It’s a japanese schoogirl (in uniform!!!!!) with a mechanical arm shooting bullets and creating copious amounts of gore!! If you ask me, that is still amazing. Plus i don’t think you really need the smart plot to enjoy upskirt shots of a hot young killing machine.

or do you?


Tokyo Gore Police

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Tokyo Gore Police (2008)


Are you ready for some serious gore? Probably the goriest and weirdest movie you have seen in a long time, if not ever? Tokyo Gore Police is here to blow your mind with urinating chairs, penis cannons, tons and tons of raining blood (it really rains!!)  and most of all.. brains shooting brains!!!

The plot is completely unnecessary to enjoy this movie, but i’ll write it down just for the records:

from imdb: Set in a future-world vision of Tokyo where the police have been privatized and bitter self-mutilation is so casual that advertising is often specially geared to the “cutter” demographic, this is the story of samurai-sword-wielding Ruka and her mission to avenge her father’s assassination. Ruka is a cop from a squad who’s mission is to destroy homicidal mutant humans known as “engineers” possessing the ability to transform any injury to a weapon in and of itself.

Now, i’m not gonna pretend that the story thickens throughout the movie, BUT the gore and the psycho and the weird (therefore the awesome) just keeps getting better and better until the very last second. there’s not much to really WRITE about this flick, but i sure can show you some images and you be the judge. Tokyo Gore police presents:

Ruka, the heroin of the movie. (remember Audition? same girl)

the gorey schoolgirl!!

she has acid shooting nipples!!

that’s what the acid does:

my personal favorite: THE S&M HUMAN DOG

raining blood!!!!

you will totally need an umbrella for it

if you’re not at least a little interested in this yet, you don’t know what real fun is. and don’t forget the super hot mutant girl..

Yummy Brains 3

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this is Lyric, she is my friend Dave‘s little daughter, and she did this amazing video just for me a long time ago..

how do you say it? oldie but a goodie?


The Outbreak

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Over here at zombiecupcakes land, sometimes (even tho rarely) we like to leave the drama behind and just get down to plain simple super gorey fun. I would like a minute to introduce you to The Outbreak, an interactive zombie movie where YOU pick what happens next!! It’s like a videogame, and you decide how much blood you want to shed, and have the chance to prove your own survival horror scenario skills. I have to admit that even tho i pretend to play “expert” in the field, i died at my first couple tries.. can you do better than me?

give it a try at

honorable mention goes to the guys who helped me find this link, and provided me a fair share of bloody entertainment on my super sick “death bed” day!

thank you Hagi over at – make sure to check out his blog! it’s good stuff!


thank you A. Morisson at – where you can find everything you need to know about zombies!

have fun and try to stay alive! braaaaains


Tokyo Zombie

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Tokyo Zombie (2005)


This is japanese movie directed by Sakichi Sato in 2005, and tells the story of Fujio (a guy with no special talents and a big afro) and Mitsuo (his bald mentor who’s an expert of Jujitsu). After they accidentally kill their boss, they decide to bury his body on Black Fuji, a mountain that’s a result of all the trash and dirty laundry piled up from Tokyo’s inhabitants. As it turns out, the mountain is full of dead bodies and a weird chemical reaction results into a full blown zombie attack, and their odd adventure begins..

Today i was really sick and as i was laying in bed i realized it was about time to update my site. As you might have noticed, i decided to talk about a Japanese movie for a change. The main reason why i did this is a special person who told me i shouldn’t miss it. The second reason is that probably comedy and laughter are a better cure for sickness than my usual korean ultra-violent drama. Not to mention the ZOMBIES! hello? Zombies are the cure for everything.

So if you ever asked yourself: can a zombie movie be awesome? hilarious? sentimental? post apocalyptic? just plain fucking weird? – and hoped that there would be one day where you could answer all these question with a YES, well then look no further. Because Tokyo Zombie has them all!

It might be also interesting to remind you that the main actor in this movie is Tadanobu Asano, who (other that being extremely  hot) already starred in really good movies like Ichi the Killer and Survive Style 5+.. and that Tokyo Zombie also originally comes from a manga, and follows its pace. if you’re looking for entertainment, dark comedy, and flesh eating zombies all mixed up Japanese style, this is definitely the movie for you.