The Outbreak

Over here at zombiecupcakes land, sometimes (even tho rarely) we like to leave the drama behind and just get down to plain simple super gorey fun. I would like a minute to introduce you to The Outbreak, an interactive zombie movie where YOU pick what happens next!! It’s like a videogame, and you decide how much blood you want to shed, and have the chance to prove your own survival horror scenario skills. I have to admit that even tho i pretend to play “expert” in the field, i died at my first couple tries.. can you do better than me?

give it a try at

honorable mention goes to the guys who helped me find this link, and provided me a fair share of bloody entertainment on my super sick “death bed” day!

thank you Hagi over at – make sure to check out his blog! it’s good stuff!


thank you A. Morisson at – where you can find everything you need to know about zombies!

have fun and try to stay alive! braaaaains



3 Responses to “The Outbreak”

  1. Thanks for the plug! Love your blog, keep up the good work!

    Andrew Morisson
    Zombie Research Society

  2. hagiblog Says:

    Wasn’t this just awesome! I made sure to check every single option there was just so I didn’t miss anything. Very creative and I hope they come up with some more.

  3. i absolutely loved it! thank you so much for this! i had a lot of fun playing with. even tho i died so many times. ahah

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