Tokyo Zombie

Tokyo Zombie (2005)


This is japanese movie directed by Sakichi Sato in 2005, and tells the story of Fujio (a guy with no special talents and a big afro) and Mitsuo (his bald mentor who’s an expert of Jujitsu). After they accidentally kill their boss, they decide to bury his body on Black Fuji, a mountain that’s a result of all the trash and dirty laundry piled up from Tokyo’s inhabitants. As it turns out, the mountain is full of dead bodies and a weird chemical reaction results into a full blown zombie attack, and their odd adventure begins..

Today i was really sick and as i was laying in bed i realized it was about time to update my site. As you might have noticed, i decided to talk about a Japanese movie for a change. The main reason why i did this is a special person who told me i shouldn’t miss it. The second reason is that probably comedy and laughter are a better cure for sickness than my usual korean ultra-violent drama. Not to mention the ZOMBIES! hello? Zombies are the cure for everything.

So if you ever asked yourself: can a zombie movie be awesome? hilarious? sentimental? post apocalyptic? just plain fucking weird? – and hoped that there would be one day where you could answer all these question with a YES, well then look no further. Because Tokyo Zombie has them all!

It might be also interesting to remind you that the main actor in this movie is Tadanobu Asano, who (other that being extremely  hot) already starred in really good movies like Ichi the Killer and Survive Style 5+.. and that Tokyo Zombie also originally comes from a manga, and follows its pace. if you’re looking for entertainment, dark comedy, and flesh eating zombies all mixed up Japanese style, this is definitely the movie for you.


7 Responses to “Tokyo Zombie”

  1. hagiblog Says:

    I know I’ve heard of this one but had forgotten about it. After your thoughts on it I’ll have to put it back on my list to look for. Besides, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen zombies and comedy together!

  2. yey! it’s so worth it. the first half hour is one of the most hilarious pieces of japanese comedy i’ve ever seen, then it turns a little slower and more sentimental and just goes weirder and weirder as most j-movies do.

    i can totally see how this was taken from a manga, it looks and feels like one

  3. hagiblog Says:

    Well I managed to find this one but my girlfriend and I were talking about this other movie we had seen that we thought this was. I can’t remember the name of it. It was a zombie movie but there was a biker gang in it. I thought it was Tokyo Zombie but I’m not sure now.
    You wouldn’t have any idea what it is would ya? It’s starting to drive me nuts.

  4. I loved the comic. Never thought there could be a movie. Thanks a lot.

  5. @hagiblog i can’t think of anything on top of my mind.. maybe tokyo gore police?

    @mcpvc you’re welcome! the movie is great and the actors did an amazing job

  6. Paragraph Film Reviews Says:

    Hagiblog… the film’s probably ‘Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town’! Stars none other than Billy Bob Thornton!!! This one wasn’t Japanese though.

  7. Tony Curzon Says:

    No, I think that’s called Tokyo Zombie. Also Fudge 44 is good

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