Running Wild

Running Wild (Ya-Su) – 2005


From KMDB: JANG Do-young is a hot-blooded homicide detective who has lost faith in the law. OH Jin-woo is an elite prosecutor who stands in opposition to JANG in that there’s nothing but the law in which he can believe. However, learning that they’re running after the same target, the two men decide to team up. As they get deeper into the investigation, a huge conspiracy awaits them, in which YOO Kang-jin, boss of the Kuryong Family, is involved. Feeling threatened, YOO blackmails JANG’s family and pulls strings to get OH off the case. Now an unavoidable battle begins between two men and the kingpin of the criminal world.

Running Wild is a 2005 movie directed by Kim Sung-Soo, who is said to be Park Chan-Wook‘s protegé. The story revolves around two characters, Yoo Ji-Tae (Oldboy, Into the Mirror) as OH, and Kwon Sang-Woo as Jang. Like every good korean drama, we are presented a scenario where the glass is already half empty, both the characters are going through rough times (Oh’s wife wants divorce and Jang’s mother is on her death bed) and as they start their battle against a gangster boss turned politician , they inevitably end up fighting against the whole system itself, a system made of corruption, and the tragedy that comes with approaching it.



The movie is slow paced, but the ending is worth the wait. Unlike most movies of this genre, it’s more focused on beatings rather than gunplay, which is definitely a plus in my books (you can never have enough koreans wearing suits and brutally beating people while covered in blood). The most interesting character is of course Yoo Ji-Tae‘s, his on screen presence is always outstanding and his tormented look pierces the screen every time he engages in dark, cynical roles.


I promised you all korean movies involving Park Chan Wook‘s favorite actors until we can finally watch THIRST (only one month until american release!!), hence the reason behind this review. My favorite part is the photography, which is noir, dark, and more in general just beautiful. If you’re looking for brutality, action, and breathtaking plot twists, this is not a movie for you. But if you liked The Chaser, and more in general if you’re a fan of police thrillers, and satirical attacks against the system, you’re going to really enjoy it.


3 Responses to “Running Wild”

  1. hagiblog Says:

    Sounds interesting but I’m not sure I’d ever get around to seeing it. I’m not usually a big fan of the cop thriller. Although I’d watch just about anything if it meant I got to watch Thirst at the end! HAHA!

  2. me too! i’m soooo impatient to watch it it’s insane!

  3. waiting for thirst. should be good.

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