Blackwater Vengeance

ever since my passion for the korean han started, i have been meaning to pay it my own personal tribute.

charatcters like Lee Guem-ja (sympathy for lady vengeance), Oh Dae-su (oldboy), Kim Sun-woo (a bittersweet life),  they all somewhat changed my life, made me realize there was some sort of artistic expression out there that reflected the way i felt about many aspects of life.

and so, without being too pretentious and saying i tried to create some art, i simply did a photoshoot that was inspired by these people. it is up on the suicide girls front page for the next 24 hours, and it’s called Blackwater Vengeance

to see the whole set, go to and get a memebership. if you already have one, here’s the link to my personal page (sorry content is members only):

here is a glimpse of it, i hope you enjoy it. skip after the jump for the not safe for work version.


6 Responses to “Blackwater Vengeance”

  1. Very nice! Too bad my SG subscription has been gone for a few years now. Where’s that fancy credit card when I need it! HAHA! Looks like an amazing backdrop in that last photo, where were the pics taken?

  2. Gorgeous. I like SG but you’re brilliant.

  3. it was taken in front of a legislature building. the look of it was just outstanding and so i decided i didn’t give a damn and i was gonna try it. it turned out quite amazing, and i didn’t get arrested.. mission accomplished all around :)

  4. hey, great website man, loving the recommendations (most of which I have already scene). I am looking forward to seeing more movies!

  5. you’re very welcome! there’s a ton more to come :)

  6. Beautiful image: the night, the building, and especially you.

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