How to: celebrate a Zombie New Year’s Eve!

It’s that time of the year again; tomorrow night, our zombie fellas from all over the world will rise and celebrate the joining of good old 2009 to the undead front.

I’m sure many of you already have plans and whatnot, but as the captain of the Zombie Cupcakes battleship, here’s my list of things to do to celebrate tomorrow night the perfect, brainilicious way:

  • Attack the movie theater! – follow the movie geek inside of you, find the nearest movie theater, dress up, sprinkle with blood, et voilà. bonus points if you can look as good as my dear friend Joanna (@zombielolita) doing it.

zombiejo zombiejo2 zombiejo3

  • Attack the Zombie Bakery! – go to nearest cupcake shop and order some yummy zombie cupcakes, or if you’re feeling adventurous, arm yourself with a bloody apron and enter the delicious world of brain bakery

zombiecup2 zombiecup3

  • Attack the City Streets! – bring people over to the dark side, go out and improvise a zombie walk, talk your friends into dressing up and hunt for brains. scare the children, the nextdoor neighbor, and give that loud old lady a taste of the Apocalypse she’s always blabbing about!

attack1 attack4

  • Attack your friend’s couch! – not into the whole going out and party thing? here’s the perfect solution for you, last but absolutely not least: spend it with the people you love, at the friend’s house with the biggest tv, and indulge into a zombietastic movie marathon. Personally, i would go for something like this:

And don’t forget to eat lots and lots of brains, they’re good for your health. My friend Andy Hartmark (amazing photographer from Phoenix, AZ – see more of his work here) and his awesome pug Beardo sure know it!


3 Responses to “How to: celebrate a Zombie New Year’s Eve!”

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  2. Happy new year!!!!

    Btw, did you watch this one? Geu-rim-ja sal-in aka Private Eye (2009) I was trying to early on, but still didn’t find any subtitles… (well, I did, in arab…¬¬ )

  3. not yet but i was planning on watching it! :)

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