Zombie Cupcakes Select: Movie Bites



Brains! Conquer!

Now that we’ve successfully brought 2009 over to the zombie side, here’s a little recap of the bloody gems the now old Mr Oh-nine entertained us with, in no particular order.

Thirst (Bakjwi):

First and foremost, Park Chan Wook’s new masterpiece. Thirst wins pretty much everything, with his absolute brilliance, cruelty, beauty, you name it, the list is almost endless. Almost as long as my epic wait for it through most of the year. Thankfully it was more than worth it! Park Chan-wook came back with this amazing picture and reminded us what vampires are really like (as in they don’t sparkle, people!! they just don’t!! no.no.no.), with their classic tragic sense of romance, internal struggle, irresistible sexuality, and a taste for Revenge. Full Review: here

Drag Me To Hell:

Sam Raimi.Gypsy curses. Exorcisms. Green gooey fun. Need i say more? When this movie came out, it was a little bit like christmas. Like horror movie jesus was born again to make us cry tears of bloody joy. Personally, i never gave up on Sam Raimi, but i know of a few people who did, and when Drag Me To Hell came out he just crushed everybody’s dirty mouth with his Mighty Fist. No, seriously. Every little movie geek like me who grew up with bread and Evil Dead, knew this day would come. Here’s my idea of how much this movie kicks ass. Full Review: coming soon


Technically a 2008 movie, but the majority of us really discovered it in 2009, after its Dvd release. I like this movie so much it made me talk about it nonstop for months. It’s the journey of Anna Assoui down the terrifying spiral of abuse and torture. She suffers inexplicable pain. She’s a martyr, a fighter, a survivor, and pretty much my hero. Many labeled Martyrs as a “monster”, but here at zombie cupcakes, Monsters are good, and we love them plenty. Perfect 10. Full Review: here

Paranormal Activity:

There’s 2 very distinct school of thoughts for this movie; those who screamed amazing and those who screamed what the hell was that, also known as “i want my money back”. I  side with the amazing group. Maybe because I’m a believer. The movie is the modern Blair Witch Project. The story of a young couple haunted by a mysterious presence at night. Absolutely real and terrifying. I couldn’t sleep at night after i watched it, and i don’t care if you’re in the Poo-on-paranormal-activity party. Poo on you. I hope that demon comes for YOU next. Full Review: here

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl:

Yoshihiro Nishimura teamed up with Naoyuki Tomomatsu of Stacy-Attack of the schoolgirl Zombies. These two need no introduction. They also don’t need a plot whatsoever, apparently. But we absolutely don’t care! Zombie schoolgirls, incredible gore, raining blood!! Fun for the whole family! This movie is the tale of two girls who like the same guy and bite to conquer his heart. But i digress. Did i mention unbelievable amounts of blood and gore? Featuring Eihi Shiina (from Audition) and Takashi Shimizu (Ju-On saga director), Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girls is not out on dvd (or on the net) yet, but it will be soon. In the meantime, try other Nishimura movies like Tokyo Gore Police, or Machine GirlFull Review: coming soon

What about you? What was your favorite this year?

Zombie Cupcakes out!


17 Responses to “Zombie Cupcakes Select: Movie Bites”

  1. Love your website xox

  2. I must find a copy of Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl! Loved that movie so much. I did manage to get Thirst but I have yet to watch it. Man, what am I waiting for!

  3. I totally didn’t even pay attention to the fact that there were zombie peanuts at the top of the post. What is wrong with me! HAHA! And why didn’t I think of that.

    Makes me wanna go out and buy fruit and set up a zombie fruit munching stop motion extravaganza!

  4. ohhh and i just read your post about the swimmer chicks i’m SO GONNA GET IT!!!!!!!!!

  5. HAHA! Zombie Super Swim Club Force 7 or whatever the hell it was called (I can’t be bothered to remember or check now) was awesome! All I’m saying is that it’s all about the laser beam at the end. Laser beams were cool before but this upped it a whole level!

  6. “Thirst”… GREAT choice. I thought it was a brilliant vampire film. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a good one. Tonight I’ll find out if “Daybreakers” will be worthy to be nominated for Zombie Cupcakes in 2010.

  7. Your blog is very interesting. :-) Just saw the trailer of Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl and wow, it looks like classic Japanese crazy fun.

  8. chef ragoo Says:

    this year i rediscovered A L’Interieur, which shocked the fuck out of me. Must see.
    And a super release from this year was Pontypool, you definitely have to watch it.

  9. i LOVE pontypool! i’ve already watched it and loved every minute of it

    A l’interieur, on the other side.. meh. a lot of people really adore that movie, it did absolutely nothing for me. i thought it was sloppy and pregnancy related horror stuff doesn’t affect me at all (i also watched “grace” the same day i watched Inside, and i didn’t like either)

  10. chef ragoo Says:

    first one i hear who has a bad opinion about A l’interieur.
    didn’t expect to ever meet one.
    anyway, nice blog, we share some taste. I’ll keep readig it.

  11. Hey Cry, scordati che ti scrivo in inglese :-D Complimenti x il blog, molto carino!!! hai personalizzato bene WordPress! Un bacione ;-)

  12. ho visto Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl al FutureFilmFestival. Una trashata unica :D davvero spassoso

  13. ZombieLand was a good movie for 2009. Most people I know say it was stupid, but whatever, it’s a comedy. I liked the double tap rule. It reminded me of one of the Simpson’s Halloween Specials where Homer “Double-Kills” each grave in the cemetary, it cracked me up every time I saw the Double-Tap flash across the movie screen.

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