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Son Of Rambow

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Son of Rambow – 2007

Plot: As the summer sun shines down on England in the early 1980s, two boys who couldn’t be more different are brought together by a mutual love of cinema and a desire to emulate their favorite action movie icon. Will Proudfoot is a well-mannered schoolboy being raised in an ultra-religious community that deplores such distractions as television and seeks to maintain its purity by severely limiting contact with the outside world. In order to exorcise his creative inner demons, Will has taken to sketching imaginative drawings and complex illustrations. Lee Carter is the school terror, a rampaging hellion whose over aggressive behavior has made him an endless source of frustration to the faculty, and a source of fear to his fellow classmates. As fate would have it, Will is in the school hallway avoiding exposure to the classroom television when a fed-up teacher ejects Lee from the classroom. Though at first it appears as if Lee is about to torment timid Will just as he does the rest of the student body, the two form a tight bond after Will convinces Lee to view a bootleg copy of Rambo: First Blood. When Lee informs Will that he wants to shoot a homebrewed version of the violent action film for an upcoming amateur filmmaking contest, a sudden streak of rebellion prompts his sheltered classmate to readily agree. As the summer wears on the two boys set out to create the ultimate no-budget action movie, but their grand vision hits an unexpected hitch when a busload of French exchange students arrive at the school and the leader of the pack attempts to hijack the production.

First of all, i can’t believe nobody ever told me about the existence of such awesomeness. I literally came across it by accident. I did my research and found out that Son Of Rambow first premiered in 2007, to be released officially only a year later, in April 2008. This is pure independent cinema genius, cut all the crap about special effects and action-packed scenes, and talk about brilliant storytelling!

Two little boys from two completely different worlds brought together by the passion for cinema.. yes please!


Lee Carter:

This movie is downright perfect.

From Wikipedia: Son of Rambow is a project that Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith — collectively known as Hammer & Tongs — worked on for some years. Its development was interrupted when they were asked to make The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and it is their second major feature film. It was inspired by Jennings’ own experiences as a child in the 1980s, when video equipment first became available to the public, and the film recreates the atmosphere of an English comprehensive school of the time, using a soundtrack of both familiar and lesser known pop tracks from the era

I just finished watching it a couple of minutes ago, and i had to run to my laptop and publish this entry right away, even if it has nothing to do with what i usually write about on Zombie Cupcakes. I think this is the cutest, loveliest movie i’ve probably ever seen, it truly touched my heart and if i can only turn one person to it, i will be the happiest little movie geek alive.

in other words? go. watch it. now!

you can thank me later.

(and believe me, you will)