The Black Water Horror

The Black Water Horror

this is me and Morgan aka The Murder In Question ‘s first attempt at a horror short. it was shot a couple of years ago and now it’s finally online for you all to see. i hope you guys enjoy our project. we put a lot of heart into it.

Starring: myself, Cristina Blackwater

Director and Music : TheMurderInQuestion

i know i haven’t updated in way too long, but i hope a short torture porn starring yours truly makes up for my being MIA a little. all feedback will be appreciated, so please let me know what you think!

direct link in case embedding won’t work:


2 Responses to “The Black Water Horror”

  1. It’s very interesting, the sequences in the long corridors intercalated with your shots produce tension and a almost surreal feeling. As Shining proved years ago corridors can be very creepy. I’d love to see more shorts starring you. You’d make a great Princess Mononoke like warrior. :-)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It’s very decent, considering it’s your first tryout. The music does a great job for the clip. However the corridor idea has already been extensively explored. And the whole it’s a bit slow paced.

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