About Me

Zombie Cupcakes is about everything horror in contemporary cinema, with a main focus on the K-Cinema category. In this page you’ll find insights and curiosities on movies and other things i like.

3851338002_00ace95d27_othis is me!

My name is Cristina Blackwater, but i’ve modeled under the name of GoGo for a few years now. I’m a writer, a movie geek, and a time traveler. I do everything with my dog Jezzy, who is my sidekick and adventure partner. I’m a pocket sized little mischief with a soft spot for a fucking good story.

I opened this blog to have a place where i could share some of the things that i have passion for. If you reached this page wanting to peek into my modeling and/or private things,  just follow the links under the “stalk Cristina” category on your right.

thank you for stopping by!


28 Responses to “About Me”

  1. A. Morisson Says:

    Love your blog.

    Check out my Zombie Research Society blog at:


    Hope you like it, and keep up the great work!


  2. i’m flattered, i actually really like your blog! i was gonna leave a comment on it and then i saw yours on here. awesome! i’ll add your to my blogroll.

  3. RobertZombie Says:

    I was curious if you’ve ever watched Noriko’s Dinner Table? it’s the sequel to Suicide Club which is a fantastic film. love the website, I never heard of a Bittersweet life before it looks good, I’m looking for it on amazon

  4. hosiaLVOT Says:

    I love the website, love asian horror and action films. Guess I’m figuring out that we have more in common, so it’s really cool following you on twitter. Thanks for sharing.

  5. you’re welcome and thank YOU!

  6. a bittersweet life quickly became one of my all-time favourites. i have heard plenty on Noriko’s Dinner, but for some reason i haven’t watched it yet.. i’ve been lazy! but i will and it will end up on this site :)

  7. […] that I, for one, had never heard of (but have since added to my Netflix queue).  And, I must say, she’s quite the looker, too.  Not that this should be a reason to visit the site: just a statement of […]

  8. This blog is Great!

    I’m from Spain, and i love horror movies. The best director of zombie movies is George A. Romero definitively.

    The best horror movies in the actuality is Martyrs and A L´interieur.
    Congratulation for the blog!

  9. thank you for the compliments, sir! i appreciate it.

  10. :D

  11. I love your outlook on what you think is beuatiful and you are too, of course you’ve heard that alot! anyways ever listen to k-pop? i know it sounds cheesy but i can’t help it, the girls are so cute and the songs are catchy. groups like So Nyu Shi Dae(Girls’ Generation) anyways love to keep up with ya on your new blog. katya~

  12. I really like ur blog pge, i will come here more often to get updates on good movies…lol. Also i think ur really beautiful. okay that was cheezy…lol

  13. I know you LOVE Tom Waits, so I totally have to tell you this:

    I saw sth today, that even in my wildest dreams I NEVER thought would be possible: Tom Waits “Rain Dogs” (in samba rhythm) in a street carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro!!!

    ofc, nobody else knew the lyrics…


  14. Hi from France !
    I really enjoy reading your blog and you are so beautiful !!
    What is the best horror film you have seen ? I am trying to find a real unhealthy and gore movie but..my searches are in vain :/

  15. hi and thank you! if you’re looking for unhealthy.. have you tried Martyrs? it’s actually a french movie.

  16. Paragraph Film Reviews Says:

    Consider yourself bookmarked, I keep ending up on this site because you a) seem to watch a doze of awesome movies and b) most of these are Asian (& Korean!!), which I can’t get enough of. This site makes me want to dig out all my favourites.

    As a recommendation you totally need to find the following:

    Survive Style 5+ http://paragraphfilms.wordpress.com/2010/01/16/survive-style-5/

    Versus: http://paragraphfilms.wordpress.com/2009/11/04/versus/

    One Night in Mongkok: http://paragraphfilms.wordpress.com/2009/07/13/one-night-in-mongcock/

    Happiness of the Katakuris, Infernal Affairs (The Trilogy) and Cowboy Bebop (Anime Series, or just the movie) are also highly recommended.

    Keep up the good work.

  17. RobertZombie Says:

    I watched A Bitter Sweet Life, LOVED IT!, what’d you think about the series finale of LOST?

  18. thank you! i have seen all the movies you mentioned but One night in mongkok, which i will look up right away! thanks again

  19. i think it was complete rubbish, i really hated it.

  20. RobertZombie Says:

    I really, really hated it too, it almost completely ruined the entire series for me, they killed off the John Locke smoke monster way too early in the series finale, the final season was overall really disappointing, not enough answers, and that whole atlernate reality being purgartory was bullshit

  21. You are so amazingly beautiful.

  22. I randomly bumped into this site, and I love it! A combination of two of my favorite things; Suicide Girls and Horror movies (specifically of the sub-genre Zombies)! Keep up the great work.

  23. Found you on twitter via some random post on Suicide Girls… Thought you’d like this from an artist (side project) that works on my team



  24. On a very funny way I got touched to this blog – :) – I was looking for “Blackwater” – hope to find the PMC :) – however:

    I like your blog, your pictures are great and your tattoos are amazing.

    Best regards from Vienna, Alex

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I like your blog, it’s a good inspiration to explore new movies. Yesterday I have watched a Canadian Zombie movie, Pontypool. It’s very special, have you seen it? Look forward for more of your articles!

  26. Have you seen a Japanese film called Love Exposure by Sion Sono? I don’t believe it has North American distribution yet, but it may very well the greatest artistic acheivement in cinema I’ve ever seen! I don’t know anybody else who’s seen it though!

  27. you have so nice blog.
    thanks for post k-movie horror which rather hard to find.

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